Welcome to the Ramsey Elementary 24-25 online Release Authorization.

The following pages contain requested information that must be submitted in order for your Background Report to be processed. This includes an electronic “signature” page. This website is secure and all data will be encrypted.

Before submitting your information please verify you have all of the contact information necessary to complete your information and Release Authorization.

Information gathered through the Trusted Employees website is required under the "Fair Credit Reporting Act." This law requires that we provide information regarding your rights when you agree to have a background check.

  • When you sign, you are only stating the fact that you have seen and read the information about your rights regarding this background check.
  • No information is available to the school district regarding your credit rating.
  • This background report does NOT include a credit report, and conducting this background check in no way affects your credit.

The following three pages explain your rights when a background check is conducted.

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